Links – Feb. 11, 2019


Denver Teachers to Strike as Educators Continue to Lead Labor Movement Truthdig

WV teachers, school employees authorize statewide work action Charleston Gazette-Mail

Oakland students march in support of teachers in labor negotiations ABC

Amazon is reportedly using drivers’ tips for their base pay Engadget

Why the Justice Department Can’t Be Trusted to Investigate Abysmal Conditions in Federal Prisons Intercept

3rd Protester Dead in Haiti Protests teleSUR

As Macron Prepares New Repressive Measures Yellow Vests and Red Unions Strike Together LA Progressive


Racism And The Fight Over Venezuela Moon of Alabama

US Blockade on Venezuela Has Cost US$350 Billion: Report teleSUR

Venezuela’s Maduro Is Doomed? They Said That About Syria’s Assad Bloomberg

In Caracas Venezuelans are lining up for blocks to sign a declaration denouncing US intervention and imperialism.

The Tienditas Bridge “blockade”: How to turn an unopened bridge into an international news story to build support for your coup

Who Will Get Citgo? Mao’s Defeat in U.S. 67 Years Ago Holds Clue Bloomberg

Elliott Abrams: The War Criminal Running US Policy in Venezuela Real News Network

Trump buys Lithuania, EU cannot stop it offGuardian

Aug. 21, 1953, on a wall in Tehran, Iran: “Yankee Go Home.”


How The CIA Overthrew Iran’s Democracy In 4 Days NPR

Millions to mark 40th anniversary of Iranian revolution Al Jazeera

Health insurance is as big as Big Tech Axios

The 5 largest conglomerates combining health insurance and pharmacy benefits are on track this year to be bigger than the 5 preeminent tech companies. Anthem, Cigna, CVS Health, Humana and UnitedHealth Group cumulatively expect to collect almost $787 billion in 2019, compared with $783 billion of projected revenue for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google.

Drug companies are sitting on generics—43% of recently approved aren’t for sale Ars Technica

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