Links – Feb. 3, 2019

Saint Eric Dolphy Counterpunch

Hundreds of Inmates Sick and ‘Frantic’ in Brooklyn Prison Without Heat in Extreme Cold Splinter

Cherokee Nation Welcomes Warren’s Apology for ‘Confusion’ and ‘Harm’ Caused by DNA Test Rollout CommonDreams

Anthropologist Debunks Bill Gates’ BS Narrative That Free-Market Capitalism Has Solved Crisis of Global Poverty CommonDreams

The hidden meaning of Northam’s racist yearbook photo

Caracas, 2 February 2019.


WSJ Confirms: Trump-Appointed Venezuela Coup Leader Plans Neoliberal Capitalist Shock Therapy GrayZone

Venezuelan president includes people’s militia in Venezuela’s armed forces Tass

Sorting through the lies about Venezuela SystemicDisorder

Venezuela Coup Attempt Proves that Capitalism is a Cancer that Survives Through Violence and Propaganda Ghion Journal

Oil, Neocons, Monroe Doctrine: Author Explains Origins of Trump’s Venezuela Plan Sputnik

Internal US Gov’t Document Outlines Program Of ‘Economic Warfare’ On Venezuela GrayZone

Trump’s Coup in Venezuela: The Full Story Counterpunch

Twitter takes down hundreds of pro-Maduro accounts amid US calls for regime change RT

While pro-coup Venezuelans & right-wing exiles dominate the media sphere, tech companies are actively censoring pro-government accounts they say are working to “influence” people

CNN’s ‘Venezuelan army defectors’ not in army, not defectors & don’t live in Venezuela RT

We must avoid mistake of Libya: Italian deputy FM speaks out against Venezuela regime change RT

CNN goes ‘undercover’ to manufacture consent for coup attempt in Venezuela Shadowproof

The U.S. 12-Step Method to Conduct Regime Change Vijay Prashad

Elliott Abrams, Trump’s Pick to Bring “Democracy” to Venezuela, Has Spent His Life Crushing Democracy Intercept

A Military Coup in Venezuela? Not Without the Military’s Support NACLA

Why record job growth in America hides a troubling reality. High employment rates gloss over a ‘much more complicated story’ of stagnant wages and vanishing mid-level jobs Guardian

Mexican president unleashes labor unrest at border plants AP

Mexico: The end of job security El Financiero – GoogleTranslate version

Tom Brady’s New England Patriots Are Team MAGA DailyBeast

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