Links – Jan. 30, 2019


Virginia teachers turn out in droves to protest for more funding and higher pay Guardian

Virginia students learn in trailers while state offers Amazon huge tax breaks Guardian

The workers disproportionately hurt by Trump’s shutdown are people of color and the disabled Daily Kos

In Caracas, Venezuela


The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader GrayZone

US Coup in Venezuela Motivated by Oil and Corporate Interests – Militarist John Bolton Spills the Beans GrayZone

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Guaidó Controls U.S. Bank Accounts, State Dept. Says NYTimes

Behind Maduro there is a mobilized people in Venezuela Tlaxcala

‘Hands off Venezuela’: Maduro slams Trump in English (VIDEO) RT

Your Complete Guide to the N.Y. Times’ Support of U.S.-Backed Coups in Latin America Truthdig

Maduro plans Venezuelan militia expansion as US sanctions Caracas’ oil giant CGTN

Venezuelan attorney general orders Guaidó investigation as crisis deepens Guardian

USA: media censorship towards solidarity demonstrations for Maduro and Venezuela in Washington (in Italian) l’AntiDiplomatico GoogleTranslate version

His Master’s Voice. New York Times “reporter” spit shines Venezuelan opposition leader with help provided by his lobbyist. SpliceToday

Has the Arms Industry Captured Trump’s Pentagon? Truthout

The New Plan for Africa is Just Like the Old Imperial One NEO

Black Lung Clinics Call For Action But Top Regulator Plans No New Measures

Yellow Vests join unions to agitate for a general strike in France Counterfire

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