Links – Jan. 6, 2019

At Jazmine Barnes Rally, Moms of Murdered Children Speak Out: ‘We Want It to Stop’ Daily Beast

Pentagon Planning for a Longer Border Stay if Needed, Shanahan Says


Workers Just Notched a Rare Win in Federal Court Intercept

The Return of the Strike. This year, thousands of teachers, hotel workers, Google employees, and others walked off the job and won major gains. Steven Greenhouse

When Your Boss Locks You Out for Nearly 6 Months and Cuts Off Your Healthcare ITT

Employers and their lackeys have lied about the minimum wage since 1938

Hundreds of TSA screeners, working without pay, calling out sick at major airports CNN

ACTION ALERT – International Call to Action for Gidimt’en Access Checkpoint


US Deploys Military to Gabon Ahead of Congo Election Results Telesur

Deal with Syria regime ‘inevitable’: Kurdish commander AFP

Banks’ Emerging-Market Boom Leaves a Grim Legacy. Lenders piled into Africa and Asia after the financial crisis. The cost of some of their deals is now becoming apparent. Bloomberg

What Does Donald Trump Think About When He Thinks About “Wall”? The New Yorker

Act VIII: Yellow Vests Take Over Streets Across France Telesur

All Hell Breaks Loose in France After Yellow Vest Movement Founder Arrested ZHE

Venezuela Rejects Lima Group’s Interventionism Telesur

Mexico Snubs Lima Group Interventionism in Venezuela Telesur

Ocasio-Cortez’s 70 Percent Top Tax Rate Is a Moderate, Evidence-Based Policy New York

Sweden Has a 70 Percent Tax Rate PPP

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