Links – Jan. 4, 2019

Nearly 400 Migrants Died in US-Mexican Border in 2018 Prensa Latina

Capitalist crisis

U.S. factory activity hits two-year low, casts shadow over economy Reuters

Tim Cook’s letter to Apple investors is corporate America’s latest warning about US-China trade war CNBC

Generation rent is a myth – housing prospects for millennials are determined by class The Conversation

Gold Bursts Above $1,300 as Slowdown Tremors Spur New Year Rally Bloomberg

The shutdown leaves the most vulnerable federal workers paying the price Washington Post

Imperialism and global politics

“Persian Gulf of Tonkin” Ingredients All in Place for US War on Iran? MPN

How War Propaganda in the Film Industry Really Works MPN

Trump gives no timetable for pullout from ‘sand and death’ Syria al Jazeera

How The US Spent Billions To Change The Outcome Of Elections Around The World Black Agenda Report


Green, Union Jobs: Organizing at Buffalo’s Tesla Factory Strikewave

IBU members celebrate a century of progressive maritime unionism ILWU

Here’s why this economist believes libertarianism is essentially a form of white supremacy AlterNet


Mariela Castro Espin: There is no retreat: The essence of Article 68 is maintained Granma

Raul Castro: After 60 years of struggle, sacrifices, efforts and victories, we see a free, independent country, the master of its own destiny Granma

Indigenous Peoples

Dakota Prayer Ride And Water Walk Native News Online

A Series of Indigenous-Led Performances and Conversations Kick Off Across New York

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