Links – Jan. 2, 2019

A migrant takes cover after U.S. Customs and Border Protection throw tear gas to the Mexican side of the fence in Tijuana, Mexico on Jan. 1, 2019.

US Forces Fire Tear Gas At Migrants As 15,000 Prepare to Leave Honduras Telesur

Black-eyed peas and Hoppin’ John: New World African traditions for good luck in the New Year

Federal employee union sues Trump administration over government shutdown Politico

As Government Shutdown Continues, Workers’ Worries—and Bills—Grow WSJ

Meet The Dream Defenders, Black Americans Who Embrace The Palestinian Struggle Forward

Beverly Hills paid $2.3 million to settle a lawsuit against its police chief as allegations of racism and anti-Semitism swirl LATimes

Wet’suwet’en Stand Unwavering As Judge Expands Coastal GasLink Injunction Earth First

NYC Officially Starts Offering Non-Binary Gender Option On Birth Certificates Gothamist

Germans can now choose ‘third gender’ option on legal records Euronews

Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Crisis. Prominent Cancer Center Faces Reckoning Over Industry Ties ProPublica

When Doctors Serve on Company Boards NYTimes

James Watson Won’t Stop Talking About Race. The Nobel-winning biologist has drawn global criticism with unfounded pronouncements on genetics, race and intelligence. NYTimes

Over half of Americans delay or don’t get health care because they can’t afford it—these 3 treatments get put off most CNBC

Video: Gaza. A look into the eyes of barbarism (Prize-winning documentary in Spanish with English subtitles. 18 minutes.)

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