Links – Jan. 1, 2019

Teachers Strikes Expected in 2019 Telesur

How to Respond to LeBron James Dave Zirin

The US Hand in the Guatemalan Migrant Tragedy Resumen

Ahead of Times Square ball drop, U.S. Strategic Command jokes: We’re ready to drop something ‘bigger’ NBC

Experts Say Times Square NYE Crowd Is Much Smaller Than Officials Claim Gothamist

4 ideas from NKorean leader Kim Jong Un’s New Year’s speech AP

Syria – ‘Country Of The Year’ 2018 Moon of Alabama

The Decade-Long U.S. Campaign To Foment Syria’s “Revolution” And Unseat Assad MPN

The Worst Thing We’ve Ever Done On The Media

After World War II, Germany and the Allied powers took pains to make sure that its citizens would never forget the country’s dark history. But in America, much of our past remains hidden or rewritten.

Defense Contractors Are Cashing In On Administrations Horrible Immigration Policy Ring of Fire

The uncontacted tribes of Brazil face genocide under Jair Bolsonaro Guardian

Stocks in the U.S. Close Worst Year Since 2008 Slate

Nearly 300 Palestinians Killed, 29,000 Injured in 2018 Resumen

Argentine Activist Milagro Sala Returns Home from Prison Resumen

Is Revolutionary Fervor Afire—Again—in Tunisia? The New Yorker

Auld Lang Syne sung inKanienkeha )Mohawk) UAINE

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