Links – Dec. 27, 2018


By Shutting Down Government Over Racist Border Wall, Union Says Trump ‘Gambling With Lives of Federal Workers’ CommonDreams

Workers fret at making ends meet as US govt shutdown persists AFP

Amazon is cutting costs with its own delivery service — but its drivers don’t receive benefits Vox

Im/migrants and refugees

Nurses Condemn Policy that Led to Deaths of Children from Families Seeking Asylum National Nurses United

ICE drops off nearly 200 migrants at bus stop on Christmas Day The Independent

Migrant teen tent city to stay open into 2019: report The Hill

Remembering the caravan: 5 essential reads that show the desperation of Central American migrants The Conversation

Imperialism and global politics

Israeli airstrikes threatened 2 civilian flights in Beirut and Damascus AMN

‘We are coming’: Blackwater prepares itself for possible ‘privatization’ of U.S. wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan South Front

We Can End the US War on Syria Counterpunch

Guess Which Country’s Companies Profit Most From War? Fast Company

“Everything Created by the Enemy Must be Used for Revolutionary Purposes” Resumen LatinoAmericano English

South Africa: NUMSA Launches Party IOL

Top Amazon boss privately advised US government on web portal worth billions to tech firm Guardian

Case against N. Korea over Otto Warmbier’s death is ‘highly political’ RT

Escalation of students’ protests in Albania

How the New Silk Roads are merging into Greater Eurasia Pepe Escobar

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