Links – Dec. 26, 2018

As Trump Claims Workers Support Shutdown for Border Wall, Unpaid Federal Employees Set Record Straight With ‘Shutdown StoriesCommonDreams

Im/migrants and refugees

Second Guatemalan Child Dies in U.S. Immigration Custody Truthdig

A Guatemalan immigrant woman and her infant daughter in McAllen, Texas.

China’s Car Slump Leaves Foreign Auto Makers With Idle Factories WSJ

Georgia cuts food stamps for thousands with new system tracking recipients AJC

Unblock Cuba Now! New Today Newspaper Grenada

Syria military says Israel strikes hit weapons depot BBC

Arab League set to readmit Syria eight years after expulsion Guardian

Stumped by the stock market slump? Start by picturing a used car dealership. A description of the mechanics of the stock market. The Conversation

The Obsession With and Lies About Nicaragua Resumen

French economy to temporarily overtake UK after Brexit RTE

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) applies for German banking license DW

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