Links – Dec. 22, 2018

Veterans For Peace Statement on Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Syria

Veterans For Peace is pleased to hear that President Trump has ordered a total withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, where they had no legal right to be in the first place. Whatever the reasoning, withdrawing U.S. troops is the right thing to do.

Fallout Of Trump’s Syria Withdrawal – Why Erdogan Does Not Want To Invade Moon of Alabama

Pentagon & White House

Send the Mad Dog to the Corporate Kennel “Mad Dog” Consortium News
Mattis was famous for quipping, “It’s fun to shoot some people.” It remains a supreme irony that Mattis was widely considered the only “adult in the room” in the Trump administration

James Mattis didn’t simply resign, he pulled every fire alarm at the Pentagon on the way out Daily Kos
It’s important to note that President Obama relieved General Mattis of command because he was too hawkish when it came to Iran.

How the Trump-Mattis alliance crumbled CNN

LeBron James

LeBron James says NFL team owners have ‘slave mentality’ Guardian


‘A sweatshop firing on all cylinders’: what it’s like to work at Amazon at Christmas Guardian

Capitalist crisis

The World’s Richest People Lost $511 Billion in 2018 Bloomberg The rich lost $511 billion this year after record first-half gains were obliterated by a succession of bruising market selloffs. … You can almost hear the violins.

Third straight rout end worst weak for Dow, Nasdaq since 2008 crisis AFP


Rising Waters Are Drowning Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor Bloomberg

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