Links – Dec. 21, 2018

Mattis was no Shining Knight: From backing Yemen War to Whitewashing Khashoggi Murder Juan Cole

USDA will clamp down on work rules for food-stamp recipients Politico

Spurned by Congress, Trump administration seeks food stamp curbs via rule change AOL

130,000: The number of Puerto Ricans who never returned after Maria Grist

Capitalist crisis

Dow drops 470 points to 14-month low in second day of big losses following Fed rate hike CNBC


Mariana Viturro, deputy director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance

‘Domestic Workers Don’t Have Protections Against Discrimination and Harassment’ FAIR

Lithuanian activists- the teachers’ strike is a women’s strike


Cuba will end 2018 with the lowest infant mortality rate Cuba News

Dialectics of Christmas Verso

Stock Markets Are Wild, but Bond Markets Can Be Dangerous NYTimes

Layoffs loom large as banks weigh funding deal to save Sears Crains

Amazon accidentally sent 1,700 Alexa recordings to the wrong person, including audio from in the shower Business Insider

Innocent New York man billed $4,600 for police rectal probe BBC


Cargo Ships Are the World’s Biggest Polluters — but No One Wants to Fix It Inverse

Why is sea level rising faster in some places along the US East Coast than others?

Interior Dept. Moves Toward Selling Oil Leases in Arctic Refuge NYTimes

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