Links – Dec. 13, 2018


‘Bolton is preparing plan for my assassination, with help from Bogota’ – Venezuela’s Maduro RT


Revealed: Google’s ‘two-tier’ workforce training document Guardian


Meng arrest a huge provocation to China Asia Times


To understand the Paris ‘yellow vests’ riots, look to French Guiana Washington Post

Blacking Out the Yellow Vests on Cable News: Corporate Media Doing its Job CounterPunch

France’s Yellow Vest Protesters Want to Fight Climate Change New Republic

If you want to understand the gilets jaunes, get out of Paris Guardian

Capitalist misery

President Clinton’s welfare reform is still ‘ensuring poverty’ Who.What.Why

Toxic Philanthropy? The Spirit of Giving While Taking


Ex-Vice President Jorge Glas Ends Hunger Strike Telesur


Ahmad Sa’adat: Palestine will be freed by the people, not the elites Samidoun

Economic crisis

Parker Drilling Bankruptcy Kicks off “Oil Bust 2” Wolf Street

Verizon Trims 10,000 Employees Despite Billions in Tax Cuts and Government Favors Motherboard

Squelched report shows Wells Fargo charged high account fees to students CNN

The IRS Is Ignoring Rich Tax Dodgers and Going After the Poor Vice


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