Links – Dec. 12, 2018


Employees at Amazon’s New NYC Warehouse Launch Unionization Push Bloomberg

Defying Predictions, Union Membership Isn’t Dropping Post-Janus

Capitalist crisis

IMF warns storm clouds are gathering for next financial crisis Guardian

Markets, Volatility and Crisis: A Conversation with Tony Norfield, Michael Roberts and Paula Bach Left Voice


ACTION ALERT: CNN Must Rehire Pundit Who Defended Democratic Rights FAIR

Marc Lamont Hill follows over half a century of Black activists punished for supporting Palestinian rights Mondoweiss


A Pentagon Famous for “Losing” $Trillions Makes “Accounting Error” and Refuels Saudi Yemen-Bombing Jets for Free MPN


Macron’s Proposal to Mollify Yellow Vest Protesters Fails to Impress NYTimes

French schools blocked as students join ‘Yellow Vest’ action China

France: striking students of Nanterre declare solidarity with yellow vests!

France: High School Students Join Yellow-Vest Protests Telesur

The Structure of Current Mobilizations Corresponds to that of the Sans-Culottes Verso

Yellow Vest protesters erect a GUILLOTINE in Paris bearing French President’s political party name amid revolt that has forced Macron to address the furious nation Monday evening Daily Mail

Self-Organized Yellow Vest Protest Movement Exposes Inequality and Hollowness of French Regime LA Progressive

Yellow fever in France


United Socialist Party wins ‘landslide victory’ in local council elections Venezuela Analysis

To the White People Who Penned Sweeping Love Letters to George H.W. Bush The Nation
Clearly, you never talked to a person of color about the Bush presidencies.

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