Links – Dec. 11, 2018


France’s Macron Makes Concessions while ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Continue Real News

‘The System Is Shaken’: As Yellow Vests Persist in France, Macron Bends With Minimum Wage Hike and Pension Tax Canceled CommonDreams

100s detained, tear gas fired: Yellow Vest mayhem hits Paris on 4th weekend RT

Arrests, water cannon & a burning car: Yellow Vest protests spread to Brussels RT

Gilets Jaunes echoes heard in Lisbon EuroNews


Chicago charter school strikers win major victory Fightback! News

Inequality at the Center of Chicago Charter School Strikes WorkDay

A historic first: country’s first charter school strike may be over, with a victory for teachers Daily Kos

Oakland High teachers walk out to protest pay SF Chronicle

Indigenous peoples

In the Bay Area, technology has gone hand in hand with imperialism for 500 years Salon

Capitalist crisis

America Is Poorer Than It Thinks Bloomberg
Statistics don’t quite capture the extent of U.S. poverty.


Could Monsanto Be Responsible For The Global Health Crisis? Ring of Fire Network

Deadly Winter Storm Strands Drivers, Cuts Power to Thousands in Southeast U.S. Sputnik

Puerto Rico

NASA provides new look at Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria
The findings illustrate the staggering scope of Hurricane Maria’s damage to both the natural environment and communities.


A Protest Against ‘Climate of Fear’ at U of Michigan over standing for Palestinian Rights Informed Comment


Massive Ukrainian offensive to begin on December 14 DAN


On the history and development of Romanian ultra-right-wing nationalism EHO

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