Links – Dec. 10, 2018

Capitalist crisis

Wall St. Faces Stomach-Churning Swings as Economic Uncertainty Grows NYTimes


NYPD Probing ‘Troubling’ Video of Cops Ripping Baby From Mom NBC


Paris protest: ‘People are in the red. They can’t afford to eat’ Guardian

More Than a Thousand Arrested as Yellow Vests Protests Over Economic Frustration Rage on Across France CommonDreams

‘Green vests’: Paris climate marchers spot overlap with ‘yellow’ comrades France24

#Paris: Fascist Yvan Benedetti was kicked out of the #YellowVests demo on Saturday

The Media Refuse to Show Them, but Tens of Thousands of Yellow Vests Were on the Streets of Paris LV

A look at the gilets jaunes and why they are so angry WSJ

Macron Blinks in Fuel-Tax Dispute With Yellow Vests WSJ

Protests Threaten Macron’s Campaign to Remake France WSJ

Hungarian workers protest over ‘slavery law’, students join in al Jazeera

U.S. wants Saudi-led war on Yemen to continue, aiming at ‘combating’ Iran Reuters


Huawei Offensive Is Acceleration of Yearslong Endeavor WSJ
U.S. officials have long sought to hinder the company, seen as a threat to national security and America’s edge in innovation

Two British banks ensnared in Huawei dispute WSJ


Jewish Voice for Peace Targets CNN Over Dr. Marc Lamont Hill Firing in Sunday Paper CommonDreams


Film investigating Loughinisland massacre deserves a wider audience Guardian

South Park takes some hard shots at Amazon in a surprisingly anti-capitalist episode AV Club

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