Links – Dec. 6, 2018


Huawei’s CFO Arrested at U.S. Request, Sparking Outrage in China Bloomberg

Top Huawei executive arrested on U.S. request, clouding China trade truce Reuters

Cracks, confusion and the US-China trade war truce AsiaTimes

Stock futures plunge after Huawei CFO arrested for extradition to US AsiaTimes

China demands release of Huawei executive arrested in Canada Guardian


A tale of two wildfires: devastation highlights California’s stark divide Guardian


Propelled by Pension Fears, a Musicians’ Union Elects Change NYTimes

Global Wage Report from International Labor Organization (PDF) Lowest wage growth globally in 2017 since 2008


‘Gilet jaunes’ movement spreads to France’s truckers, farmers and students EuroNews

Les Gilets Jaunes – A Bright Yellow Sign of Distress Diana Johnstone


U.S. Moves to Defy Russia Through Navy Operation USNews


Temple professors: No confidence in university leader who won’t support Marc Lamont Hill’s academic freedom

The Dirty Secrets of George Bush Rolling Stone (from 1988)

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