Links – Dec. 5, 2018


Self-Organized Yellow Vest Protest Movement Exposes Inequality and Hollowness of French Regime New Politics

G20: You can smell tear gas in the streets as the oil industry squabbles Alternet

How France’s ‘Yellow Vests’ Differ From Populist Movements Elsewhere NYTimes

Gilets Jaunes vs Macron : la transition écologique dans l’impasse AOC | English translation – Yellow vests: Macron’s fuel tax was no solution to climate chaos

Gender oppression

Women and the Crisis in Venezuela VenezuelaAnalysis


‘From The River To The Sea’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means Forward

Temple University Chairman Ready to Fire Marc Lamont Hill for ‘Unnecessarily Blackening’ the School’s Image with UN Comments Atlanta Black Star

Shot In the Head, His Back to Soldiers Common Dreams

Capitalist crisis

Uber Is Headed for a Crash NYMag

Tumbling Stocks Show You Can’t Ignore the ‘Harbinger of Doom’ Bloomberg


For Low-Wage Workers, the Fight For 15 Movement Has Been a Boon NYMag

Google contract workers demand better pay and benefits TechCrunch


How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power Guardian Sept. 25, 2004

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