Links – Nov. 28, 2018

Class warfare

Subway riders decry MTA fare hikes at first public hearing AM NewYork

Professional Sports Players Unions & The Broader Labor Movement WorkDay Minnesota


‘This Is Sketchy’: Critics Warn Against Blind Acceptance of Explosive Guardian Report About Secret Manafort-Assange Meetings Common Dreams

Mueller’s RussiaGate Probe: Conflicts, Presuppositions and Special Interests Disobedient Media

“History shows us that Mueller investigating anything may, inherently, come with disadvantages when it comes to the pursuit of truth.”

With Tensions Mounting over Kerch Strait Incident, Will Ukraine Replace Syria as Focus for US’ Russia Containment Strategy? MPN

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People 29 November

California fires

California Wildfire Likely Spread Nuclear Contamination From Toxic Site Truthout

Capitalist crisis

GM Reports Income of $2.5 Billion and EBIT-adjusted of $3.2 Billion GM

CNN Money (2017) GM sells 10 million cars for first time thanks to China

City officials brace for Poletown tax break request Hamtramck Review

The death of small businesses in big cities, explained. Not even shopping locally can save your favorite mom-and-pop — the problem is much, much bigger than that. Vox

Homes in black neighborhoods are undervalued by $48,000 on average Brookings

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