Links – Nov. 27, 2018

In/migrants & refugees

Witness: “No Warning” Before U.S. Border Patrol Started Tear Gassing Central American Asylum Seekers Democracy Now

Class warfare

A Part of Detroit Was Destroyed in the 1980s So GM Could Build a Plant It Might Close Now Jalopnik

‘They are not closing our damn plant’: Union vows fight as GM plans Oshawa closing CBC

Racism & police

Protesters Block Alabama Highway After Fatal Police Shooting CBS

Facebook has a problem with black people, former employee charges USA Today

Capitalist crisis

Could Oil Prices Fall To $40? Oilprice

Bitcoin Plunges to $3,738; Whole Crypto Scam Melts Down, Hedge Funds Stuck $714 billion have gone up in smoke. Wolf Street

The U.S. Housing Boom Is Coming to an End WSJ (requires subscription)

Here’s some analysis of the article from a free source: The WSJ Hones in on Dallas to Illuminate the Sputtering Housing Market

Another Winner of Amazon HQ2 in Queens? Goldman Sachs Bloomberg

Another Friday News Dump: USDA Posts Alarming Data About Privatized Inspection at Poultry Plants CommonDreams


U.K. and Ecuador Conspire to Deliver Julian Assange to U.S. Authorities TruthDig

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